When it comes to events, I do not skimp on details, sound quality, creativity in lighting and we ensure that our equipment is the best quality on the market, using digital controllers, computerized DMX, wireless lighting and a discography of more than 100,000 titles And more than 30 genres


All our audio systems are JBL Brand with the highest quality of Class-D amplifiers and DSP Crown processors  are the guarantee of an incomparable sound quality, being its image clean, aesthetic and very professional, of medium size for not hindering the view to the stage.


2-way speakers and 18 "subwoofers with DBX processors to optimize and exceed sound quality limits.




Creativity is what characterizes us in our lighting systems. With MARTIN LED Mobile Heads, LED Pars  LED bars, Aluminum truss frames with stable bases, lycra covers and most importantly, a computerized DMX system to control all the lights and program different scenes to Create environments according to the type of music.


All our lighting systems are Wireless



From single wall to very complex illumination, we create the perfect environment so the event is one of a kind.


Dance over a Cloud of thick smoke that stays low in the ground to give an awesome effect.

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